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Who we are

We are an italian speaking community, but some of us can speak English. Salina (salt evaporation ponds, salterns, salt works or salt pans in English) is a group of people who want to live to be salt of the earth (Mt 5:13) in our liquid modernity. Listen to the Word of God in an informal environment is foundations for this. Salina is the right place for seekers, doubters, agnostics, atheists, dreamers and those who confess their faith in Jesus.

Salina is an inclusive group who welcome anyone regardless of age, skin color, social status, sexual orientation, or any other category in which you can subdivide the humankind.

Not sure? Come and see, no one will force you for a second meeting.


All the meetings usually includes eat and drink together, read one or more readings from the Bible, the talk about the readings, discussion and intercessions.
Take a Bible from home, or read from an electronic device. Take some money to eat and drink.



Come as you are, don’t use a mask. All are welcome, without prejudices.


Salina is not an organization you join, it is a family, where you belong.


We try to adapt to situations to meet people in any circumstances.

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Alpha Course

We will run an Alpha in Italian language. Find more on Alpha Salina Reggio Emilia.
If you don’t know what Alpha is, find more on alpha.org.
Do you want to try Alpha in English? Contact us.

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